1st part of the interview with Dr. Reinhold Festge

On 17 March 2015, the "Africa meets Business" Day in Berlin, we talked to Dr. Reinhold Festge, the personally liable shareholder of Haver & Boecker and President of the German Engineering Association VDMA.

Dr Festge VDMA

We became interested in your company Haver & Boecker, after we had seen the video film about the 125th Anniversary. A woman said in the film that you produce wires which are thinner than a hair. 

Dr. Festge: That is not entirely correct. We indeed process wires which are thinner than a hair. They are half as thin as a hair, which is the thinnest wire producible in the world. It is important that emphasis is placed on wire weaving, as only wires are interwoven by us. We are famous and well known for being able to process very fine wires, and also for producing very fine fabrics. 

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Interview with Friedbert Klefenz, Chairman of the Divisional Board of Bosch Packaging Technology

"We intend to undertake a larger study for West Africa in the first or the second calendar quarter 2015, in order to look more closely at the market potentials."

Friedbert Klefenz 14 LOWRES top

Friedbert Klefenz, Chairman of the Divisional Board of Bosch Packaging Technology


Mr. Klefenz, you acted as President of the Interpack 2014 trade fair and held an impulse lecture at the Save Food Conference. What I detect at each Interpack trade fair is how fast the packaging industry continues to develop. How many employees are active in the research and development of packaging machines at Bosch Packaging?

Klefenz: The exact figure cannot be indicated, as the boundaries between research, development and construction often overlap. The fact is: We currently employ a total global workforce of around 7.000 people working in different areas and functions. Around 40% of our people work in the field of technical project implementation, respectively in construction and development. Since we only rarely offer ready-made plants, but mostly particular customer-specific solutions, our design engineers are often simultaneously also our developers.

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2nd German-Senegalese Economic Summit successfully completed

What do Energy Mix and Food Processing have in common?

The puzzle has been solved at the 2nd German-Senegalese Economic Summit.

On 7 November 2014 more than 20 Senegalese Managers again came to attend the 2nd German-Senegalese Economic Summit in Düsseldorf. The delegation was led by Ms. Maïmouna Ndoye Seck, Minister for Energy and Development of Renewable Energies.


Capacity audience at the Düsseldorf Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 7 November 2014 © SenGermany.


German and Senegalese experts debated all day long on approaches to solutions offered by the energy mix through the example of the German experience gained in the food processing branch, and on which requirements are to be placed upon the energy mix, so as to enable the agricultural sector in Senegal and its entire production chain to guarantee food security without malfunctions and in a sustainable fashion in a country having only little energy resources.

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Christian Traumann, CFO MULTIVAC: “The challence over the next few decades is to make sure that Added Value is generated in Africa and nowhere else.”

Christian Traumann

The preparation for the 2nd German-Senegalese Economic Summit is in full swing.

On 30 July 2014 we visited - accompanied by a camera team - the company Multivac, the worldwide market leader in the production of packaging machines for foodstuffs, and we had an interview with the Managing Director Christian Traumann.

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Amadou Diallo, CEO DHL Freight: „DHL is the only logistics company worldwide, which operates in all 54 African countries including Southern Sudan. We have been in Africa for 36 years now.“


Interview with Mr. Amadou Diallo, CEO DHL Freight, on 10 October 2014

Mr. Diallo, many thanks for your willingness to conduct an Interview with SenGermany. You are a compatriot having pursued a career at DHL for nearly 20 years now. When did your employment take place?

Diallo: I started at DHL,at the time at Deutsche Post, in 1996.

I remember that you worked in company Controlling back then.

Diallo: Yes in 1996, I was in charge of international Controlling for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Richard Clemens: "It is an erroneous belief that Africa needs just simple machines or used technical equipment."

Within the scope of preparing the 2nd German-Senegalese Economic Summit of 7th November 2014 in Düsseldorf, we will hold talks with professionals about the topics Food Processing and Renewable Energies in Germany and abroad. After the 1st Interview conducted with Mr. Werner M. Dornscheidt, Chairman of the Management Board of the trade fair 'Messe Düsseldorf' on 5th June 2014, we visited Mr. Richard Clemens, Managing Director of VDMA (Association of German Machinery and Equipment Constructors) dealing with food processing and packaging machines, on 16th July in Frankfurt am Main.

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