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Foundation of SenGermany e.V.

SenGermany means "Senegal in Germany" and represents an Association of experts (engineers and economists) of Senegalese origin, who wish to contribute to the economic relations between Germany and Senegal. On 17 November 2012 the Association was established by ten experts in Frankfurt am Main, along with the election of a management board and a supervisory board. On that occasion the annual program 2013 was discussed, a catalogue of measures was proposed, and the first foundation for the Association's activities was laid. Hence, a German-Senegalese Business Summit will be the event of the year in Düsseldorf in October 2013.

However, the activities of the Association shall not only be limited to the development of economic relations between those two countries, as our experts also intend to give young people an impression of their professional experience. This is the reason why computer courses under the motto "Beyond Social Networks" are planned to be offered to schoolchildren in Düsseldorf in the year 2013. You can find information about the structuring and scope of this measure separately on the Website of SenGermany (